Protection Against Battery Abuse With Early Warning Systems

Our Solution

Safety Issues

Lithium-ion batteries are susceptible to electrochemical, physical, mechanical, and electrical issues. Any of these can lead to battery decomposition, causing a steady temperature rise and potentially resulting in thermal runaway.

Therefore, a reliable asset must not only be efficient in energy storage but also ensure safe operations. The system should monitor battery health and provide early warnings of degradation. Our specialized sensors can ensure the operational safety of each battery and alert users to potential degradation.

Our Expertise

The experts at Beifuss approach this global issue with meticulous care. We are committed to reducing recurring thermal runaway issues by customizing, developing, and deploying the necessary sensing systems. Our reliable sensors monitor battery health parameters and provide early warnings of thermal runaway or mechanical abuse.

Additionally, we collaborate with battery manufacturers and system construction professionals to ensure the safety of storage systems.


Safe Energy Storage System

Beifuss Industrie Systeme GmbH has been dedicated to addressing  energy safety issue since its inception. Our sensors and monitoring systems are capable of warning individual battery health throughout the entire lifespan of the storage system.

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